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Introducing our corporate finance advisory services to the potential clients and partners, we attempt to overview the key steps and procedures of the investment processes, which would help to successfully complete the project. We hope that working together we will complete many value-adding projects.

1. Company valuation and analysis:

Starting our cooperation with the new client we advise to perform project / company valuation. We develop financial business model, cash flow forecasts, perform independent analysis of the historical performance and future development assumptions. Company valuation enables shareholders to:

- check the corporate strategy and its expression in the monetary terms;
- evaluate how company’s value creation is affected by the alternative business plans, introduction of new partners or investors;
- choose the best strategic development direction and optimal financing alternatives.

2. Preparation for the search of financing:

Independently from the selected financing alternative, we recommend our clients to prepare the company or the project in the way that it would be attractive to the “buyers” – banks, investment funds, retail investors or strategic partners. Preparation might take 3 to 6 months depending on the status of the enterprise as well as chosen financing alternative. Preparation for listing on the stock exchange or sale of the business unit might take longer; preparation for the bond issue or sale of specialized company might take less time.

Major preparation tasks that we will coordinate:

- identification and short-listing of potential investors, analysis of preliminary investors’ requirements identified during the informal meetings;
- preparation of initial information package to the potential investors (teaser);
- preparation of the detailed investment memorandum;
- handling of investors’ requests for information;
- management preparation for the meetings with the investors;
- coordination of audit and legal and due diligence;
- development of optimal deal structure.

3. Turn-key solutions:

Our efforts are meaningful only if we achieved goals set forward. Therefore our remuneration is largely based on the success fee, which is paid only when our efforts bring benefits to the client. We work with the client as long as it is required to achieve success of the project.

Key tasks in the beginning of negotiations with investors:

- initial formal and informal meetings with the investors, creation of interest in the project;
- presentation of the initial information, attracting attention of the investors.
- answers to the investors’ questions, meeting with the management of the company;
- collection of indicative bids.

Key tasks in the later stages of the negotiations:

- comparison of the indicative bids or offers;
- coordination of due diligence and delivery of the required information;
- negotiations regarding the shareholders agreements;
- maintaining the competition between the potential investors;
- completion of the securities transaction.